A must culture in your work lifestyle.


It is not uncommon to hear people associate their jobs and workplaces with stress, pain and it leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. 40 hours a week or more doing a job should be calming, rejuvenating experience for your both mental and physical well-being.


Healthy employee means better productivity, and well-being corporates mean more opportunity. Throughout modern centuries. Economy experts have been voicing out the importance of health and wellness programs in corporates operations. The programs cannot be treaded as a band-aid, and you definitely won’t be able to find it in a fitness app. Engagement, motivation, support, and strategy are the key to successful wellness program.


Our Corporate Wellness Program Comprises:

Educational, informative, interactive and comprehensive health talks and discussions.

Physician-reviewed wellness and health check-up.

Diet and nutrition consultations.

Appropriate treatment based on health and wellness diagnosis.



Creates a healthy culture and improves employee morale and loyalty.
Improves motivation, work performance and thus productivity.
Reduces absenteeism.


Increases healthy and better wellness behaviour and this may lead to reduced lifestyle-related disease
Increases engagement between employer and employees
Enchanced self-esteem and job satisfaction




SALT is our dedicated team of therapist and herbalist which founded to develop corporate programs. Spearheaded by our Chief of Wellness, SALT is looking forward to bring our unique health and wellness programs in any organization. These programs which usually operated by SALT will always be ready to be in action.


Flexible in its nature, SALT initiates could be very accommodating when it comes to delivering our services as we also welcome our clients and clientele in our facilities