We brought to you HaliaHeaven, our premium grade ginger powder. Rich with healthy nutrition, HaliaHeaven is something you can’t miss event for a day! It provides healing to your body and adds flavor to your life.




The combination of selected herbal essential oils gives you instant refreshing and comfort feeling. With its handy spray pen style bottle – Ylang Ylang and Strawberry scents – is perfect for your fast moving and adventurous lifestyle.




Ready to eat, healthy and absolutely tasty! Here is our hipster Halwa Halia! This special all natural dried ginger will help you fulfill your craving for healthy snacking.



Freshwater, natural ginger, and pure honey is a perfect booster for your day. Marilajuzz has it all! It’s refreshng and make your body energetic all day long!

Natural Kulübe: Virgin Turkish Honeycomb


A nature’s gift: 100% pure without any additive. All the goodness you see in its caramel colour and the sparkling of its honeycomb is nature intended.

1980 Boom Cha Brew: Mixed Berries


Our Mixed Berries organic kombucha is a manifestation of perfect harmony, a unity of all the awesomeness of the good berries of the world: strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry.

1980 Boom Cha Brew: Pineapple Ginger


We bring a tropical paradise to you if you are hoping to be in one. With one sip of Pineapple Ginger Kombucha, you will experience the fizzy awesomeness of the perfect balance of the sweet coolness and the zesty hotness. Tangy pineapple and a gingerish flavour are sure to give you an abundance of carbonation. Just imagine what you can get with a whole bottle!

1980 Boom Cha Brew: Apple Cinnamon


This is beyond your little sparkling of an apple cider. This apple-cinnamon kombucha is a new world. It’s a paradise. Tangy, a right sweetness, and a complex comfort texture. Oh yes, it’s a paradise.

1980 Boom Cha Brew: Saffron Pomegranate


We infused a richness of saffron and pomegranate juice to formulate a delightful treat. Believe in these mother nature candy. That is your new faith of deliciousness!

Embark On Your Amazing Wellness Journey With Us!